What specific services do you provide?

Our team of experts helps you through the entire production and distribution process. This includes:

  • Curating a list of 6–8 recommended narrators from a vetted talent pool of world-class narrators. Recommendations are selected based on your title and preferences and are presented at a range of prices. We work with you to find the right voice for your production.
  • Managing production through our Findaway Voices website so you can focus on what you love: writing.
  • Working with our partners to make your audiobook available for sale nearly everywhere audiobooks are sold.
  • Providing a unique ISBN for your audiobook (unless you already have one).
  • Providing consolidated royalty statements and payment, with a report of where your audiobooks are selling.
  • Real-time sales reporting for select sales channels.
  • Sharing expertly crafted tips and guides on how to create and market great quality audiobooks.