How does Findaway Voices compare to Authors Republic for Distribution?

Findaway Voices offers you more freedom and control than ever before. Like Author’s Republic we offer a broad network of audiobook partners, but here’s what sets us apart:

  • Larger royalty share: With Findaway Voices, you keep 80 percent of all royalties earned through the sale of your recordings. Authors Republic offers 70 percent.  
  • Control over distribution: With Findaway Voices, unless you choose to participate in our Voices Plus program, you are always non-exclusive.  Even better - with Findaway Voices you can choose which vendors you want your book distributed to so that you can choose the strategy that works best for you.  Alternatively, Authors Republic’s terms grant them exclusivity by default.
  • Real-Time Sales Reports: Because we have a direct relationship with all of our vendors, we’re able to provide daily sales reporting for many leading outlets via our interactive sales dashboard.  
  • Marketing Tools: Our team is constantly looking for ways to help empower you to sell more audiobooks.  With Findaway Voices, Giveaway Codes, custom monthly promotional opportunities, and pre-built marketing toolkits.
  • You are the publisher: Which means your name is always featured as the publisher, increasing visibility and awareness. Since Author’s Republic is an aggregate publisher, their name will show up as the publisher when listeners see the audiobook in stores.
  • Full Service Production and Distribution: Findaway Voices offers audiobook production services as well as distribution! This creates a single place where authors can both create and distribute their works seamlessly.