What are business models?

Business Models: 

We participate in the most common business models in the industry. These models reflect different partnership types and more ways to reach listeners in unique markets. By choosing to distribute with all of our partners, you will be taking advantage of all the business model types we offer.

A la carte: In the retail channel, a customer purchases a license to the title in a traditional a-la-carte purchase environment. In the Library Channel, a school or library purchases a license to the title that may be circulated to one (1) patron at a time.

Combined Portions Model: Combines portions of an audiobook consumed to determine sales of Audiobook Titles. Combined Portions Model (CPM) pays publishers off of SRP after 5 portions of a title have been consumed by subscription end users. A "portion" equals one-fifth of an Audiobook Title. A unit purchase will be recorded for every 5 portions consumed of an Audiobook title, across any number of Users.

Cost Per Checkout: For Audiobook sales that permit Library patrons to borrow access to a digital audiobook for a specific period of time that is automatically terminated upon expiration of the lending period or return of the digital audiobook. Allows for unlimited circulation of licensed copies with access being limited to one (1) patron per borrowed copy. Refer to your distribution agreement for specific pricing details.

Credit-based subscription: Customers pay a flat monthly price to the subscription service for credits allocating them a fixed number of audiobooks per month. A sale occurs each time a customer uses a credit to access an audiobook.

Pool subscription: Customers pay a flat monthly price to access a subscription service which contributes to a shared revenue pool. Royalties paid based on Publisher's pro-rata share of total audiobook listening for each monthly period.

Unlimited subscription: Customers pay a flat monthly price to subscription service for unlimited access to audiobooks. A sale occurs each time a subscriber consumes 15% or more of the audiobook.