How much does it cost to create an audiobook?

The length of your work and the narrator selected determines the cost for your audiobook.

Narrator rates are shared on a Per Finished Hour (PFH) basis. The general estimate is every 9,000 words of text equals one finished hour of audio. So if your book is 72,000 words, it would be approximately 8 finished hours. If your narrator cost $200 Per Finished Hour, your audiobook would cost about $1,600. We've built a handy tool to help visualize this.

Once you've told us about your book, we provide a customized list of suggested narrators at a range of PFH rates. The range is typically $150 PFH to $300 PFH. We have quality audiobooks being made within this range and all narrators have been quality checked and approved by our audio experts.

Findaway Voices charges a $49.00 casting fee.