I'm interested in producing audio. How do I choose a narrator?

  1. First, create an account with Findaway Voices.
  2. Start a new audiobook project and choose the “I need a Narrator “ option.
  3. Answer a few questions about your book and our narrator casting questions.
  4. Our casting team goes to work and within a week we share a curated list of narrators with bios, rates, and audio samples. You'll be able to see your personal casting list right in your Findaway Voices account.
  5. As you review your personalized recommendations, you may request an audition from your top candidate(s). They'll record a 3–5 minute audition from the manuscript you've provided (approximately 750 words). Findaway Voices coordinates all auditions, typically returning them in about one week.
  6. Once you've heard the auditions, make your final selection and we'll move on to production. All narrator recommendations from Findaway Voices are tailored to your style preferences and material. Every narrator has been vetted for professionalism and quality.