How does Findaway Voices compare to ACX for Distribution?

Findaway Voices offers you more freedom and control than ACX while giving you access to over 30 leading audiobook retailers

  • Control over distribution: With ACX, you can reach Audible,, and Apple Books - and ACX encourages exclusivity with them so you only get those three outlets.  With Findaway Voices, you have access to a range of 30+ audiobook platforms to help you sell wide. Here’s what you’re missing out on if you’re only on the ACX platforms:
    • Library Services:  With the growth in cost-per-checkout services, many authors are seeing fantastic success in libraries.
    • Major Retailers:  Huge booksellers like Google, Kobo, and Walmart have all started selling audiobooks in the past year
    • International Markets: Global listeners are hungry for audio through platforms like Storytel and Book
    • New Opportunities:  Subscription services like Scribd and hibooks are growing rapidly, and they’re always innovating the next new model to drive listening.
  • Set your List Price: At Findaway Voices, you set the list price and are paid a royalty percentage based on that list price for a majority of our partners.  ACX royalties are based on how much the book sells for (which is always determined by ACX).
  • Larger royalty share at Apple Books: With Findaway Voices, you earn a 45% royalty rate based on your list price at Apple Books.  At ACX - you get 25% of the price they set.
  • Real-Time Sales Reports:  ACX will provide daily unit sales via an excel document.  WIth Findaway Voices, our preliminary sales dashboard provides daily sales for many leading retailers, as well as actual dollar values for your sales (and data visualizations coming soon!)
  • Marketing Tools: Our team is constantly looking for ways to help empower you to sell more audiobooks.  With Findaway Voices, Giveaway Codes, custom monthly promotional opportunities, and pre-built marketing toolkits.